Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drop Box

This post goes out to anyone who has ever emailed a file to themselves. Now, you'll never have to do it AGAIN!

I heard about the program from my sister, who often needs to work on the same document at home that she's been modifying on her office computer all day. I ran into the same issue when I sent files back and forth and back again when I was traveling for work, and needed to access PowerPoint presentations saved on my desktop in the office from my laptop on the road. Or even if you have a home computer upstairs, and another downstairs. It's just annoying to have to keep track of which is the most recent version, and cumbersome to your email server to send files around all the time.

Enter drop box. You install it on the computers between which you want to share files. Place the file you want to open on the other computer into drop box. Open drop box on the computer number two. Voila! The file is instantly there! Magic! You make changes to the file, save it in drop box. You go into work the next day, and Shazam! The file is there, and updated! It's glorious!

Now here's an idea for long distance family members who like to share photos. No more uploading to picasa and inviting thousands of family members to view your pictures, who then have to either download them from there, or ask you for the original files if they want to make prints. Install a common drop box account on every one's computers and there you have it. Instant file sharing. It's genius I tell you.Check out all the nifty features here.

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