Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Triumph for Transgenders

Thai airline, P.C. air contributed to a major triumph for transgendered people across the world, proving that when gender discrimination is eliminated, the sky's the limit (literally in this case)!

The carrier made headlines in January when it announced that six ladyboys (male to female transgendered Thai persons) were hired on to serve as flight attendants along with approximately thirty other men and women. The CEO of the airline, Peter Chan was quoted as saying, " We didn't start out with a policy to hire transsexuals, but more than 100 ladyboys applied when we were recruiting cabin staff, so we thought why not give them a chance?" Hurrah for his open mindset.

Ladyboys will wear the same curve hugging uniforms as female sex attendants supplemented with gold brooches identifying them as the "Third Sex," to avoid any awkward gender confusion among passengers. The ladyboys first flight leaves May 19th. Thailand is the country believed to have the most transgendered people in the world, and is setting a precendent for accepting gender archetypes outside established norms around the globe.

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