Thursday, May 19, 2011

What to Pack for Bonnaroo

 One of my friends passed along this article to help plan for what to pack and still look gorgeous after days spent sweating, drinking, and lounging around in dried mud at Bonnaroo. It’s a difficult feat my friends, especially with the lack of showering that will be going on.

The author recommends travel size mouthwash, soap, and dry shampoo. All musts-especially the dry shampoo. I say throw a travel sized toothpaste and some pocket tissues in there too. No one likes morning breath or running out of toilet paper in the porta potty. She also recommends waterproof mascara, SPF lip balm, tinted moisturizer, a sturdy cream color base, and cooling face wipes. Also musts. As a Bonnaroo veteran, I’ll share my list of things she left out that will, while not necessarily making you look beautiful, for keeping you from being that dirty hippie who stinks out everyone at the show.

 First and foremost. Yes, we’re roughing it in tents, but you need an air mattress and a tarp larger than the size of your tent. That way when there’s a torrential down pour your first night you won’t have to sleep in mud puddles. 
Rain boots. See above reason. They'll keep your legs clean, and as a bonus, they look cute with jort cutoffs.

You’ll definitely want to pack some oil absorbing sheets. I'm partial to the kind that I gushed about in this post. While cooling face wipes are refreshing in the evening, it’s so hot, you’re going to need a touch up.

While some people are against wearing makeup and fancying up at a music festival, I like to wear one spritz of a light perfume. It helps cover up days of stink, and makes you feel pretty even when you’re dirty.  If that’s not your bag, pack some dryer sheets. They keep your clothes smelling fresh, and repel bugs when you rub them all over your body.

If you have room, toss in a little something to make shade with or a tent fan. When the sun comes up, it will be so hot in your tent you’ll have to crawl out into the sunlight to survive. Even after you were up until nearly dawn rocking out to Girltalk. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

And pack a bikini. They don’t take up much room, and then you can strip down as the temperature rises so you don't get all sweaty face.

Besides that, all you need are some flowy dresses and a cross body strap shoulder bag to toss any accoutrements you’ll be needing while watching the shows (probably your pack of American Spirits, a folding hoola hoop, and money for snacks and lemonade) and a little peace, love, and happiness. I cannot wait!

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