Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Scratches

It’s the season for dresses and bare legs. It’s also the season for playing outside and being active in the nice weather. Which, as an unfortunate consequence, always means I end up with more bumps and bruises just as its time to start showing off some skin. So you decided to slide into home during your wiffle ball game on Sunday, or you bit the dust while cartwheeling across Sheep's Meadow. And now you want to wear a dress to work on Monday. What’s a girl to do about that nasty bruise?

Right after you get the injury, apply an anti-inflammatory lotion, and ice it to minimize the damage. After the bruise appears, dab on some red lipstick, and then top with concealer. The red balances out the blue tones of a bruise to help cover better than just powder. Blend out to the rest of your leg, to make the bruise match the non-bruised area. Voila! It’s like your little sports mishap never happened.

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