Monday, August 2, 2010

De-puff yourself

I’ve used this technique a few times to bring my eyes back to normal size when from a particularly sad movie, or an attack of killer pollens, my lids look more like pillows and less like the eyelids they are supposed to. One morning, I woke up and my eye lids were so swollen from allergies that I could barely open them. I had to give a training session that day. Looking like a monster would hardly do.

People always look to cooling agents, like cucumbers and creams to shrink eyelid puff. While it’s slightly counter intuitive to put something hot on already inflamed skin, this little household item really does the trick. I’ve tested it myself. And, when in a pinch, it’s something you probably already have laying around your kitchen.

Chamomile tea bags. Simply heat a little water, and dip the tea bags in as if you are about to have a cuppa tea. Remove, and let cool until they are at a comfortable heat to place over eyes. Lay down, and place the tea bags onto eyelids for about 5 minutes or until bags become cold. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea will shrink down the eye puff in minutes. Shazam. You’re ready for work.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tip! Last summer I went to work with massive red puffy eyes (thanks pollen!) so bad I couldn't even put on any eye makeup. I walked in the door and my co-worker was like "WOW! You look awful!" Gee thanks. This tip would have come in handy!


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