Monday, August 2, 2010

The saviors to my sunburn

As some of you may recall from this post, I don't tan easily. I have naturally extremely fair and freckle prone skin. I'm Polish (read: very very white). And yet, I love the beach. What's a girl to do?

Well, over the years and many many sunburns, I have developed a pretty solid burn triage that keeps me from peeling (most of the time) and minimizes pain. Apply and reapply aloe vera (straight from the plant if I'm at my mom's house, 100% fragrance free if not), and follow with lots of cocoa butter in between.

Imagine my surprise when I was shopping for aloe last night, thanks to a particularly vicious back burn I acquired from falling asleep on the beach (damn you, relaxing wave sounds!), and I discovered a new breed of aloe. New to me at least. I had just been thinking that aloe should come with some sort of painkiller infused into the gel (topical analgesic to be technical), and then bam! I spot aloe vera with lidocaine. While it only provides temporary numbing relief, if you reapply every couple hours, it really does the trick quite nicely. Now I'm just trying to decide if it is appropriate professional behavior to slather myself with aloe in the bathroom at work.

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