Sunday, August 15, 2010

OPI Fall Preview

I just got my hands on the sampler of OPI's new 2010 Autumn colors, the Swiss collection. My mom, knowing my obsession with new nail polish colors, saw it at the salon and picked it up for me. Obviously, I was thrilled and painted my nails right away. True to OPI, it went on smooth without clumping, and dried extremely quickly. One minute I was painting my nails. 5 minutes later, I was helping grill some steaks without a smudge. I did "Color So Hot it Berns" on my tootsies, and it's a pleasing shiny cherry red. I chose "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous," a sparkly silver for my fingers. It's really the best glitter metallic I've come across in a while. It only took one coat for full coverage, and isn't chunky like many glitter polishes tend to be. It has a slightly purplish tint to it which will go great with fall wardrobes, but still works for the last bits of summer. It would make a perfect pairing with "Color So Hot it Berns" as the tips of the twist on a French manicure I detailed in this post. The quick dry top coat is to die for, and the little sampler bottles are too cute. I agree, OPI, it is irresistible. Though you could have used some proof reading on the box, since irresistible is spelled with an "i" not the pun on irre-"swiss"-ables on the box. I almost can't wait to chip a nail so I can try out the last remaining bottle, a bluish teal, "Yodel me on my cell." 

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