Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Jeans Friday

Levi's is giving away free jeans this Friday. For real. Starting at 10am, and going to 4pm, on a first come first served basis Levis is handing out a pair of their new Curve ID pants to anyone who comes in and brings an item of clothing that no longer fits, which will be passed along to Goodwill. I heard about the event first from my weekly W mag email. After not believing my eyes, and doing a little googling, this blogger has the low down on free jeans Friday, and lots of other cool free loot. There will be performances by Janelle Monae, and styling tips from Bobbie Thomas. The mastermind behind Curve Id, You Nguyen scanned the bodies of over 60,000 women in 3-D, then used the body mapping to create a new line of jeans designed specifically to fit female body types. The new system of fit is based on body shape, not body size. They came out with 3 main shapes.
  • Slight Curve – designed to celebrate straight figures
    Slight Curve is designed to define a woman’s waist, while accentuating her curves. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try the Slight Curve.
  • Demi Curve – designed to fit even proportions
    Demi Curve is designed to flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist, but don’t flatter the figure, a woman should try the Demi Curve.
  • Bold Curvedesigned to honor genuine curves
    Bold Curve is designed to hug the waist, without gapping or pulling. If jeans usually fit in the hips and thighs, but gap in the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve.
Interesting idea, no? I would definitely try a pair on for size and fit, for free? Of course. Here's to taking an early lunch on Friday to score some free loot.

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