Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice from a Rapper

Remember all those times your mom (or grandparents) made you turn off your hip hop music? She said it was because the language was too filthy, or the bass was too loud. You knew it was because rappers had a bad rep for pimpin ho's--generally disrespecting women, smoking drugs and being violent. You knew that underneath all the bling, there was some real lyrical genius, and musical talent. Hello? That's why you listened to it right? Not just because you wanted an excuse to wear tight tank tops like 50 Cent?

Well it turns out yo momma was depriving you of some good old fashioned sound advice. From the rappers. That's right, they were actually spitting real motivational speeches in their beats.

Jessica Wright, a graphic designer from Austin, Texas has distilled out these little nuggets of wisdom and made a blog out of it. Advice from a Rapper gives you words of wisdom straight out of the mouths of rap legends like Tupac, Cypress Hill, and Biggie in a cute little graphic matched up with the faces who gave it to you, and the album and song title in case you want to have a listen.
Not only do I feel a little inspired, I created a new playlist of some of my old favorite forgotten songs. What's up now Mom?

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