Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sutras Collection

Just when you thought a girl couldn't get any more fabulous, she goes and changes up the game. Again.  In addition to being a princess, single handedly revolutionizing women's fashion with the iconic wrap dress, and presiding over the CFDA as president, now she's adding jewelry designer to her lengthy list of conquered frontiers. Diane Von Furstenberg created the Sutras collection for H. Stern complete with rock-crystal cabochons (gems that are shaped and polished rather than faceted) set in glossy 18 karat gold. Each piece is engraved with one of DVF's personal motivations: Love, Laughter, Freedom, Harmony, Confidence, Truth, and Life. The collaboration began seven years ago, inspired by jewelry making techniques from the Mughal Empire of Jaipur, India, but DVF recently added eight pieces including those pictured above ranging in price from $3,200 to $8,200. 

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