Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchen Fashion

Every girl who likes to cook needs a cute apron. How else are you supposed to look cute while you wait for your dinner guests to arrive, yet not ruin your outfit? My mom has a shiny gold apron I wear every time I'm home and baking Christmas cookies or making pierogies. I have been wanting one of my own.

I've had a thing for aprons ever since I studied abroad in Madrid. In almost every souvenier shop, there were flamenco style aprons, with polka dots and frills all over. The senorita I lived with loved to get dressed up while doing things in the kitchen. She did dishes in high heels with music blaring, and cooked all fancied up with a ruffled little apron. It seemed like a whole lot more fun than wearing old sweats just so you don't get batter splatters on your favorite top. I never made it to get one while I was in Spain, but have wanted an adorable apron since.

Then I popped into Ricky's for a new nose ring, and I was confronted with a plethora of adorable aprons, polka dots, cherries, little skulls. There's one for every lady's taste. I couldn't decide which one I liked most, so I decided to hold off purchasing for the day.
A couple weeks later I was in Marshall's, and there was a whole rack of adorable aprons! And they were cheap! I bought the lovely magenta one with the gorgeous scallopped pattern pictured. It's Taaj brand, and it only set me back $12.99. The design even reminds me of something an espanola would wear. Success!
I have already worn it twice, and I have to say it makes me feel lots more fancy making dinner. What do you do/wear to make kitchen chores fun?

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