Friday, April 15, 2011

Ferrari for your Hair

Ever since a friend took me to a Ferrari dealership, I have known that if I ever strike it rich, that's the car for me. I learned to drive on a sports car. My mom has a thing for BMW's. I've grown accustomed to the luxury of a powerful engine, and the punch of tapping down on the accelerator and going FAST instantaneously. And Ferrari's are known as the ultimate high performance vechicle. I took one look at the sexy exterior, and buttery embossed leather interior and it was love.
Sadly, I will probably never own one of these beautiful machines. But ladies, don't despair. Even if you are not a car fan, now you can enjoy a piece of the Ferrari lifestyle in your everyday beauty routine. Ferrari has paired with BaByliss, applying their ultimate Ferrari engine to hair care to produce what is probably the best blow dryer EVER.

The blow dryer boasts up to 2,000 hours of drying time (where the typical dryer lasts only 200) with a Turbo option to increase air flow by 15%. There are six heat and speed options, with 2 nozzles and 2000 watts of power. Testers for Allure magazine's April 2011 issue said it straightened thick curls, gave hair a glossy sheen, and cut hair drying time in half.

So how does it work? The engine is sealed with lubricated ball bearings (the first time this technology has been used in blow dryers) for smoother operation, and boasts Ferrari's signatureV12 engine with a 12 bar rotor system offering high torque and best performance. Buy yours on Amazon for $194. A bargain if you ask me.

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