Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So you got a little over enthusiastic when you joined Groupon, and bought EVERY single thing that was A. 50% off, or B. sounded remotely interesting. I know I did! Nothing like the high of getting something for an extremely discounted price.

Or maybe that pole dancing class just didn't seem like a good idea anymore after your martini buzz from happy hour wore off, and you had a little drunk online shopper's regret. We've all been there. Word to the wise: Keep your laptop closed, and your credit cards safely in their wallet when having a couple glasses of wine on the couch after work.

Well, there's a website for those predicaments. It's called Lifesta, and it's a handy dandy market place to buy daily deals, and sell off the junk you thought you wanted from sites including Groupon, Living Social, Buy With Me, and Life Booker Loot. Problem solved. OR problem magnified, since I didn't even know about Buy With Me, or Life Booker Loot until visiting Lifesta. Just another sale waiting to happen in my email inbox!

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Larry said...

Hi Jamie!

Thanks so much about the kind write up about Lifesta. We really appreciate it, and are glad that you enjoy using it. Stay tuned for more new features coming to our site very soon.

- The Lifesta Team


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