Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hipster Trap

Most people I know who have less than perfect vision hate (HATE) wearing their glasses. They live in contacts, and often go around bumping into things, and mistaking deer on the side of the road for large rocks when they run out of lenses, or their eyes are irritated. They dislike the glasses that much that they will wander about in a blurry world just to avoid wearing the things.

I was at a concert on Monday. Several of the band members, and audience alike wore oversize glasses. My friend mused, "I wonder how many of their glasses are real?"

I looked around. My guess? None. The glasses looked like costume accessories. I have been lucky enough to be graced with perfect vision. I can't say I would ever pick up a pair of frames just for fun that I didn't have to wear. That's what sunglasses are for, right? But now, it's a legitimate hipster trend to wear "nerd" glasses for show, as a "cool" (read: trying waaay to hard) accessory. Now for your viewing pleasure, here's some pictures of other things that look silly in faux glasses.

 If your adorable teddy bear can't pull it off, what makes you think you can?
 People with mustaches. This might be ok sine they're wearing them to as a joke, obvi.
 People who are seriously wearing fake glasses and being serious
 Puppies with scarves
 Puppies with hipster hats
And finally Stitch. Now, don't embarrass yourself, and go sell all those clear lens frames to Beacon's Closet you know they'll be snapping em up left and right.

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