Friday, August 12, 2011

Bug Repelling Clothing

With the perfectly warm summer nights we’ve been having lately, I’ve been finding myself spending a lot of time outdoors after dark: watching movies, drinking on verandas, and eating food on lawns. The single downside of enjoying glorious evenings al fresco? Those pesky insects that insist on biting me anywhere my skin is exposed. Legs covered in red bumps just don’t look cute in warm weather mini’s.

I hate the smell of bug spray. It has gotten better over the years, and is usually worth it when camping or hiking in the woods. But in Manhattan? Not going to fly. When I was in Hawaii earlier this year, a friend revealed a handy trick. Rub drier sheets on your skin, and the bugs will leave you alone. And who doesn’t enjoy smelling downy fresh?

Or you can try out these hoodies that are laced with the natural bug-fighting powers of the chrysanthemum. They repel bugs without the stink or sticky spray of the aerosol stuff. They’re made by white sierra, and called Swamp Hoodies. Available in pants too!

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