Thursday, August 25, 2011

Root Touch Up Spray

This post goes out to all of the natural dirty blondes. You know who you are. You were born with blonde hair that started out close to white, transformed to golden, and as you got a little older gradually darkened to a dull shade of meh. You’re adult life has been comprised of dropping a couple hundred a few times a year to restore its former luminance with highlights weaving glorious light streaks into the boring dark blonde. Yet, as someone who is already blonde, you tend to stretch out the time in between salon visits because, well, roots just take a while to be noticeable. No? Is that just me?

I happen to also have been gifted with naturally extremely fine (read: extremely prone to snarling) hair that seems to get a little more susceptible to rat’s nests each time I color it. In the interest of cutting down my combing time, and giving my strands a chance to revive in between dye treatments, I tend to stretch the time between root touch ups as much as possible. In this particular month, I’m holding out to get the cut closer to one of my best friend’s weddings. I’m a bridesmaid, and I want my hair to look fab in the pictures.

I know. 2-toned hair is in style right now, giving you more freedom to leave ends not matching the crown. And yet, despite my stellar motivations, I look in the mirror and my roots are crying out to be colored.

Enter the miracle of John Frieda. For $10 a bottle you can blend your color for a couple weeks until you can get an appointment with your favorite stylist. It’s called Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. You apply to damp hair only on the sections needing a little touch up, blow dry as normal, and your roots disappear. Genius.

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