Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sales on a Schedule

I love a bargain shopping more than the average girl. When I walk out of a store with an item I want, bought for a discounted price, it is such a sense of euphoria. That feeling? It’s what most refer to as a shopper’s high. Stores capitalize on the positive vibes you get when purchasing sale items, and slash price tags to encourage people to buy on impulse-read: buying things just because they’re a good deal, rather than because it’s something you want. Don’t fall prey to this little trick. That’s how you fill your closet with things you’ll never wear.

I’m a seasoned sales shopper. But did you know that sales depend on the day of the week?

Retailers are known to cut prices on bags on Monday, swimsuits on Tuesday, shoes on Wednesday, and dresses on Sunday. At the end of a month, or a financial quarter, deals get even better.

This day of the week sale schedule extends past the department stores to travel and electronics. Score cheap flights on Tuesdays at 3pm 2-14 weeks before you want to fly. Laptops tend to cut their price tags on Sundays.

Happy Shopping!

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