Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fashion Luxuries

Sometimes a designer creates something so exquisite, that it inspires utter longing in the people who see it. They yearn for it. They must make it their own, and wear it every day. Once and a while a few pieces come around like this that make me ponder my need to consume fashion magazine after magazine.

Do I enjoy knowing of the trends? Seeing a glimpse of the luxuries in life I likely will never be able to afford? Or for the sheer pleasure of understanding and taking in the fine craftsmanship of fashion?

Luxury house after luxury house, their goal is the same, make a product that a woman can wear for ages. Timeless. Heirloom. The intent is to beautify, and to last for ages. In the era of microwaves that last a month or two, and disposable electronics, what other industry can name pure longevity as its goal? And then I remember. Even if I cannot always have it for my own, I can certainly enjoy the view.

Hermes Cape Cod watch, even a little time piece exudes simple quality. At Hermes, leather craftsmen study for three and a half years before working. They take 6 to 10 years to become experts. Each finely made leather bag takes approximately 20 hours of work.

Dior Fine Jewelry by Victoire de Castellane. The entire collection It is quite possible these lush bejeweled flowers may even be more beautiful than a growing bloom freshly kissed by morning dew.

Dior wool tweed coat with fox fur collar. Sigh. What could be more romantic that a fur collar, red lipstick, and big hair on the streets of Paris?

What motivates you to keep up on the fashion trends?

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