Sunday, August 14, 2011

Disco Nap

I have a new favorite term: disco nap. I came across it for the first time when reading an article in W magazine about the idyllic island retreat of the wealthy upper crust that still values privacy and class over reality tv and flash. After days of sunning and swimming off the backs of yachts, the elite would take "disco naps" before nights of dancing until dawn. I did a little googling to find the definition of this foreign expression. Turns out it was an art I had mastered long ago, but just didn't know the name.

The BFFL and I have been disco napping since freshman year of college. Every evening around 6pm, exhausted from the day of laying around and sitting in class, we would close (but not lock) our always open door, turn off the lights, and task a friend with waking us up when they started to get ready to go out. We needed a solid two hours of sleep before the night's events, and would always greet the unlucky soul by yelling at them to get out of our room when it was time to awake. We were napping pros.

When you're rich and glamourous, and the days of leisure wear upon your stamina, you need to sleep to prepare for your fabulous plans later on, you squeeze in a disco nap too.

The rich and famous. They're just like us!

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