Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Capelli Brand Boots

Check out my new boots! A couple weeks ago, during all the extreme ice, sleet and thunder snow we’ve been having in NYC, I wore my rain boots out. Typically I wear my fur snow boots this time of year to keep my tootsies warm, but I just got sick of having to step around the GIGANTIC pools of slush and water around each corner and decided that I wanted to be able to wade right through them. So, I put on a couple pairs of thick socks and headed out in my trusty fire engine red galoshes for my morning commute. Fast forward to my first puddle, I suddenly have the sensation not just of cold, but terrible wet on my left foot. My boots had sprung a leak!

I can’t blame them. I had them all through college--so long that I can’t even remember where I bought them, or what brand they were. I’d been wanting to upgrade to some cool new boots for a while, but just couldn’t justify the expense when I had a perfectly good pair in my closet. I’d save the splurge money for more fun shoes like red high heels. Now, I was forced into getting some new ones. Yay!

I initially heard of Capelli boots through a friend of mine who got a pair for Christmas. They are so cute, and look almost like normal boots that you would wear all day, not just in the rain. I found out the details for someone else who was in the market for boots, never expecting to buy a pair myself.

I had quite the back and forth between Hunter boots, or the adorable bright yellow DKNY boots with a cute little lady with an umbrella on them, or these. Finally I opted for the big girl boots, with the quilted top. Often, when it’s supposed to rain in the morning, but stop by evening and I plan to be out all day, I don’t want to wear my rain boots because I don’t want to be stuck in their silly bright rubber after the rain is over. These Capelli boots are so fashionable and non-rain-booty that I wouldn’t mind having them on all day. Hence, I wear them more often, and at only $30 for the pair, they’re a bargain compared to Hunters. Success.


Anonymous said...

I got some capelli boots too (on sale at marshall's for $20 - woot!).This pair to be exact:

I wear them all the time now, they're basically my snow boots. Love em.


hiani16 said...

Very cute!! I think those are the exact pair (in black) my friend has that made me buy them in the first place!

fabulous choice!


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