Thursday, February 10, 2011

Office Worker's Lament

Today is one of those gorgeous winter days when it just seems like a crime not to be sitting in a sun room feeling the heat of the sun on your face, ice skating, or sliding down a hill on skis or a sled. The sky is a sea of blue, and the air is crisp---outside my window that is. At my desk, instead it’s the stale over circulated blast of the radiator and the glow I’m taking in is from a computer monitor. Sigh. Some days I would give anything for a flexible schedule, and some daytime hours to be outdoors. Here are some pictures for you to gaze at and daydream yourself into if you’re stuck behind your cubicle walls too.

Tree's so green. Air so piney.
Snow covered

 Skating to the Sunset
Frozen Lake

Solitary Skier

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