Sunday, February 13, 2011

Natural Nut Butter

Do you love the idea of natural peanut butter, but get a little grossed about by the fact that you have to stir it to make it look like peanut butter? Me too. After reading the ingredients on the back of my trusty Peter Pan creamy one day, I decided to switch to natural peanut butter, and not go back. It was a commitment, but after eating the natural stuff for a couple weeks, I actually grew to like it's nutty salty, peanuty flavor even more than the jelly bean version of it packed with sugar and chemicals. But sometimes it just gets annoying how much oil separates in the fridge. Sometimes I miss being able to spread a thick coat on my English muffin without it dripping all over the counter. Enter the answer to my prayers. My mom sent me a jar of the stuff pictured above, Organic American Once Again, and it's pure heaven. Where most natural peanut butters turn into an oily mess when you let them sit, and have no added sugar, this miracle of science has sugar and stays creamy! The secret? They mix it with organic palm oil (which is actually quite healthy) to give it the glorious consistency of Peter Pan without all the gross stuff. Yum! It comes in peanut, cashew, and various seed butters. I can't wait to try them all.

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Jennifer said...

This was a very convincing advertisement... I need mom to get me some ASAP :)


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