Friday, February 4, 2011

A Night at the Museum

The reason why that movie was so popular? For some odd reason, kids always seem to fantasize about getting to stay in a museum, or a zoo for that matter, over night, after hours. There's something a little bit magical about being in a place which is typically flooded with fellow spectators when no one else should be around.

Well, guess what? It doesn't go away as an adult. Hence, the plethora of night time events held at cultural institutions all over NYC. There's First Fridays at the Guggenheim. Art with drinking, dj's and dancing, and no children? It's a museum experience, BUT BETTER. Much, much better.

I recently discovered that the American Museum of Natural History has a similar event called One Step Beyond, a monthly dance party for exclusively the over 21 crowd in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Cocktails will be served. Tonight the event is featuring The Scissor Sisters with Lauren Flax and Activaire DJs. I will be attending, and I could not be more pumped to dance the night away under the stars of the Planetarium.

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Chelsea Marie Long said...

This sounds completely incredible and reminds me again and again of why I NEED to move to the city asap!


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