Monday, February 14, 2011


Doesn't this dress look perfect for flowing from room to room in an open air villa whilst living on a tropical island somewhere? Or for flouncing through the park on a lovely spring day? Or for pulling on over a fresh tan with rafia wedges to dance at a luau?

It's part of the spring Chinoiserie theme seen parading down runways all over NYC this week with an emphasis on Asian inspired florals. Made by Patterson J. Kincaid, this creamy white chiffon number retails at Saks for a cool $198. It's the deep plum sash that really sold me. Though I have always been a sucker for kimono style shapes. Pick up something flowery, belt it with a pretty silky tie, and you're in business. This one's mine.

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Chelsea Marie Long said...

This dress is AH-MAH-ZING. Love love loooooveeeee the sash! Since we live in different cities, I can get it too, right?


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