Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Check me out!

In my never ending quest to make this blog more awesome and more fun, I have made a couple changes to the layout. I now have three tabs. About tells you a little about this blog, where the name came from, and what its goals are. You can also learn how to get in touch with me. Blog Roll is a categorized list of some of my favorite blogs. It's a ever-expanding list, so check back to that tab for updates. Home is where you'll find all of my posts, my mini blog list, my followers, and my brand new twitter button (Follow me!!).

One thing I've learned about blogging is that there's always more to learn about blogging. I am constantly discovering new things that I want to add to my blog from reading other people's blogs, and because the blogosphere is so rapidly evolving. Other things I've learned about blogging:
  • Google Analytics is the shit. It gives you a play by play of how many people visit your site, from where. It's an indescribably valuable (free)tool to find out how much traffic your blog gets and how it gets it.
  • Other bloggers are really nice. Any time I've had a question about a cool layout, or how to do something that they did, the people I contacted were extraordinarily helpful, and gave extremely detailed directions as to how to accomplish it.
  • It's just plain fun.
Enjoy my new features, I'm sure there are more changes and improvements to come!


Anonymous said...

Nice - I like! Thanks for putting me on your blog list, I just added you to my Blog Roll (which I need to work on).

Wanderlustings said...

Hello Janice! Thank you for following my blog - I just started following yours - it's so cute! I wish I lived in NY to benefit from all of these things you see and find :)

I also love where you got the name "junglee" juice. Very fun and clever!


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