Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of these days, I'm going to win

One of my favorite pastimes when I’ve completed my daily crawl of my favorite blogs, NYC events, and news sites is to enter online sweepstakes. They are giving away some really cool stuff out there! There are trips (woman’s day), jewelry (elle), home goods, cool gadgets, and most recently cool jeans (glamour). Call it a guilty pleasure if you want. I just call it fun.

I think it’s tied to my total magazine obsession, and my love of scratch off tickets. Combine magazine and an unlikely chance of winning something awesome, and it’s pretty much my perfect idea of mindless entertainment. The fun part is, that I really actually think I’m going to win when I enter, and contemplate how awesome it’s going to be when I load up all this free loot. In most of the magazines I subscribe to, there’s always at least one page telling you to visit their website to win awesome things.

My most recent obsession is the Levi’s jean dress pictured above that Glamour.com is giving away. I am loving the return of jean everything this season. It would be adorable with a belt and some sparkly sandals, or a hat and leggings. It just looks so comfy. At only $70, I might just pick one up if I don’t win (but that probably won’t happen).

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libys11 said...

ooohh.. i love scouting for giveaways and contests too!!!

btw, in case you're interested, im hold one right now..
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