Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Sitting in front of a fan" is the NEW "Blow-drying your hair"

With the ridiculous heat waves that have been going on in the North East, it is just too darn hot and too darn humid to blow dry your hair. Even in an air conditioned room, it is nearly impossible to cool down after blasting hot air in your face for the anywhere from 5-20 minutes it takes you to attain the perfect coif.

Now normally, I consider going to work with wet hair unprofessional. You just can't pull off a neat and organized employee (not matter how snappy your outfit) if your hair is sopping wet. It just screams, I didn't manage my time effectively. And I know, it happens to the best of us. Some days our alarm just doesn't go off, or an outfit crisis steals all the time that would have been spent blow drying. It is better to be on time than late for sure.

Yet this summer, I just can't bring myself to use my blow dryer. Hence my new summer hair techniques. My favorite is showering the night before and putting my hair in pin curls or a braid for a curly look that also cuts down on time spent getting ready. But when I don't sufficiently plan ahead, I point a fan directly at my mane and sit for about 5 minutes until the very top layer is dry. Then twist into a bun at the nape of your neck, or pull into a side braid and I'm out the door with no heat styling required. The photo above just gave me the idea of throwing a little fine glitter into the breeze for a fancy do (though this probably wouldn't be work appropriate). As an added bonus, your hair won't stick to your neck on the walk to the subway AND when you take the bun out later before meeting the girls after work you will have lovely waves, no curling iron necessary!

Efficiency and staying cool. Beat that blow dryer.

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