Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In Bad Reality TV show news...

Chad "Ocho Cinco" of the Cincinnati Bengals now has his own reality TV show. Will I watch it? 

Well, it's on Vh1. Check. AND it features a sexy (albeit slightly strange) professional athlete. Check. I'm going to have to be a fan. 

I watched the first episode today, and it is pretty hilarious, though painful at times to watch. It's called "The Ultimate Catch"-I'm sure there was no pun intended there on his wide receiving position and "catching" a lady friend.  Anyhow, here are some highlights of the episode.

  • Chad rips on the Steelers saying he hasn't seen this many girls (85) on a football field since he played the Steelers. (see clip above) Gotta love football humor.
  • Chad explains his two catch phrases, "Child Please" (loosely translated as bitch please, hell no, or fuck off/you) and "Kiss the baby" (in Chad speak means, The fat lady has sung, it's OVAH, you might as well kiss the baby because it's not gonna happen)
  • Chad invites pal (and also pro athlete/reality TV show star of the TO show) Terrell Owens to help him narrow now the ladies, and Terrell instead decides to hit on several of the ladies and tries to get one of their numbers
  • Chad pits the women against each other in a bracket very similar to your March madness bracket betting papers during elimination
All in all, it is ridiculous, trashy fun. I recommend if your looking for a dose of sweet abs and poor entertainment.

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