Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot time, summer in the city

I am all for warm summer weather, especially since last summer we had nothing but rain and cold weather for the majority of June, July, and August. The lovely sunshine and blue skies we have been enjoying have enabled me to check many things off my summer list of to-do’s already, and it is only July 6th! So far, I have:

-Been to the beach several times
-Rode the Codzilla
-Went to the vineyards of Long Island
-Visited my Gram, complete with iced tea and cards on the porch
-Picnicked in the park
-Saw Maxwell in concert (outdoors as a bonus)
-Watched the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks
-Lounged poolside
-Read a smutty romance novel

But I do have to say, I HATE summer heat waves in NYC. I grew up in a town where I could dip in to my pool, or go jump in a lake at my leisure. Though it may have been hot, there was always a body of water near by for refreshment. In NYC, it is not so. It is a hot box of pavement with little breeze, out of control humidity, and a wealth of stinkiness that just keeps getting hotter, smellier, and more stifling. This heat wave is supposed to last all week, and I am not looking forward to everything I hate about NYC in the summer just getting grosser. Things we have to look forward to:

-Not being happy and refreshed like the people in the picture above
-Nearly vomiting on your way to work/being attacked by roaches and mice on your way home from work because of the stench all of the hot trash left out to be picked up the next morning
-Stinky people in the subway. I know it is hot, but deodorant and perfume were invented for a reason
-Sweating through your shirt before 9am
-All beverages becoming warm within 5 minutes of pouring them (an excuse to chug that beer?)
-No cold water in your building because the pipes are super heated
-Feeling sluggish because of the oppressive hot with no relief
-Brown outs, and recommendations to turn the AC off (Not on your life NYC!)
-Lines stretching around the block at every ice cream, tasti delight, and pink berry across the city
-AND at least 2 more days before the over 100 temps start to break.



maggeygrace said...

wow- your summer in NYC sounds glamorous. I can't say I've done half of the things on your list! I need to get with it:)

your blog is cute.

Anonymous said...

Um, how did I not know your blog existed?! This is Laura by the way. Anywho, I love it, and I just started my own blog - yay blogs! Just thought I'd say hi!


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