Sunday, July 25, 2010

Creepy McCreeperston

Can we talk about Bob Saget's role on Entourage? Seriously, could he BE more creepy? I just watched last week's episode today, and he is actually telling a story about getting a blow job from two mormon women. It is just wrong. There are a lot of very manly moments on the show, and it is blatantly about sex a lot of the time. But it's entertaining. Bob Saget's role though, it just well, a little disturbing. I mean could we go to any more opposite extreme from Danny Tanner? The neat-freak, cleaning pro, and general nice guy dad to DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle and part of America's favorite family on Full House. I still can't watch the parts of the show he is on without cringing. Danny Tanner would never use language like that. He would be ashamed!

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erin :) said...

I feel strange whenever I see Bob Saget on a show that's not Full House. He just looks like a good family man guy. I think it's so weird to see him on that one million dollar game show too. +_+

- Erin :)


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