Friday, July 30, 2010

Circle Line Tourist Time

Yesterday I took a 3 hour Circle Line cruise around Manhattan. I had family visiting, which was my excuse for being so toursity, but I did not mind at all. I actually love doing touristy stuff in NYC, despite the fact that I have lived here for nearly 7 years. I still love to go to the movies in Times Square. I like to shop at Macy’s. Just yesterday, I was taking pictures in Grand Central. And even though I know quite a bit about this city, the cruise’s tour director really taught me a number of new fun facts. Such as:

-Governor’s Island was closed to the public until 1997 as a coast guard facility, and was originally a fort designed to protect NY Harbor from British invaders. Even today it is only open to the public Friday-Sunday.
-Roosevelt Island used to be named Welfare Island and is home to many abandoned asylums and smallpox hospitals
-The old Domino Sugar factory is being turned in to apartment buildings, though the Domino Sugar sign is landmarked and will stay on the building
-Barbara Streisand is a huge clean up the East River activist, and had a crew house built off of Harlem River drive
-The Statue of Liberty is still gorgeous up close

Next on my list of touristy things to do: ride one of the double decker busses around Manhattan. Everything looks different from that high up! What touristy things do you love to do in your city?

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