Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink Forever

Yes, I am blogging about nail polish again. I came across this gem when I popped in to the duane reade downstairs from my office for my daily snack/cheap beauty thrill. I was perusing the nail polish selection, looking for a neon magenta to replace a bottle that lost when I came across this brand, Sinful Colors. I had never noticed it before, and at $2.99 a pop, you can't go wrong. I've gotten rather sick of spending $9 and up on essie or orly polish only to spill the bottle, leave the top off, or otherwise ruin the polish. AND it's a color pink that I just don't have in my collection yet. It's called Pink Forever. It looks rather like raspberry sherbert, no? The perfect summer hue if you ask me. I brought it home, tried it out, and it goes on smoothly and stays shiny for much longer than you would expect a three dollar polish to last. I've had a couple coats on my toes for about 5 days now, even surviving a trip to the beach, and it's still going strong. After this weekend, I must say, the color looks lovely when half buried in the sand.

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