Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's time to start taking this little saying literally

So girls, it looks like we have been getting it all wrong when we head out to for happy hour looking to meet guys with a pack of lady friends. While cruising with a same sex partner (a wingman if you will) may work for men, studies show that when men see women with another attractive mate (i.e., another hottie man) they rate the woman as more desireable for a long term relationship. This finding has been confirmed by the journal PloS ONE, and reported by Women's Health magazine. They don't elaborate as to why this is so, commenting only that a more attractive partner may signal that the person is a valuable catch. My hunch is that it just triggers men's competitive instinct, and tendency to want what they can't have. So find your hottest guy pal and make him be your wingman for the night. It just might lead to true love.

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