Monday, July 26, 2010

Too much information: There's an App for that!

I was perusing my August issue of Marie Claire while riding the stationary bike at the gym when I came across a little blurb called "Got PMS? There's an app for that." Um, really?

It outlines several iPhone applications designed to help men track a woman's menstrual cycle, and to give special alerts as to what phase she is in with labels ranging from "horny" to "smooth sailing," and the warning of "PMS" accompanied by a picture of a lady with lucifer's horns sprouting out of her head. This particular app is called Code Red. Another app, PMSBuddy with the tagline "Saving relationships one month at a time" allows the male possessor to track several women's cycles so they can keep both wife and mistress happy and stocked with tampons when that special time comes along.

I am a fan of the iPhone's convenience. It is a magnificent contraption. But really, have we reached the stage of TMI yet?

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