Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are you pouring on the pounds?

If you ride the subway, chances are that you have seen this ad campaign, which I find extremely disturbing. I agree with it's message. I think that the majority of people who enjoy soda, juice, sweetened iced tea, and gatorade on a daily basis don't realize how many calories they are consuming with each beverage. Studies have shown that the body does not know how to process the large amount of liquid calories that the average American takes in every day, and this drinking of empty calories is probably responsible for a substantial portion of the obesity we see in our society today. Additionally, these calories do not keep us full, leading us to seek even more caloric intake through food resulting in daily over consumption. Even I, who consider myself a fairly health conscious person, did not really realize the impact liquid calories can have on your weight until recently. I love my sodas, slurpees, and sugary anything. Yet I understand the need to consume these in moderation. I agree with NYC's recommendation to drink milk, water, or seltzer to replace these other beverages.

That being said. The ad grosses me out on a daily basis when I have to look at a cup full of fat every time I board a train. I think it would be better placed in a rural area when people walk less, and obesity is more rampant. As it is, in NYC the calories of and food deemed "fast food" are mandated to be posted, taking the joy out of getting a doughnut or a rainbow cookie to go with your coffee. Do we really need to see the real life globule of fat on our hips and thighs that a soda could be? Or is this ad campaign just making a place and population that is already weight and appearance conscious even more so?

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