Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I take pride in the fact that I can survive on what I have in my purse for multiple days at a time.

This is my purse. It's not a huge purse. It's just your standard leather hobo from Liz Claiborne. It is just expertly packed, though I must say that if I was on "Let's Make a Deal" and they offered me money per pound, they would be paying out some serious cash. I just consider it one less weight machine I have to use next time I go to the gym.

It's a skill I perfected one summer while staying with my sister on Long Island. I would trek into the city for the day, and somehow the day would expand to two, three, maybe even including a voyage up the metro north to visit my grandmother. I relished the spontaneity of not having to return to home base.

Now, it requires some planning, and granted, is much easier in the summer because summer dressers are simpler to fold and roll into a small parcel than say, a down parka. And, you need to be prepared for a change in the weather with appropriate footwear. Can you wear the shoes you have on anywhere that you might end up? Will they give you blisters? I have found that flip flops without the proper tread can become very slippery in the rain.

Today I have in my bag:
-The September issue of Vogue (see previous post to understand why I am still reading September)
-Dave Egger's A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
-My trusty refillable water bottle (I seldom leave home without it)
-A winter hat in case it gets cold
-My iPod
-Phone and Charger
-Clean underwear and socks (VERY key!)
-A crocheting project I'm working on and a ball of yarn
-Toothbrush (Also an item you don't want to be caught without)
-Makeup and deodorant
-Lip gloss AND chapstick
-My digital camera
-A pack of Orbit peppermint gum
-A mini notebook and pen to record random inspiration
-A veggie wrap (honey mustard, American cheese, red leaf lettuce, bell pepper, and bean sprouts--delicious combo and healthy!)
-1 Golden delicious apple
-1 Nature valley fruit and nut granola bar
-A white tank top and gray long sleeved tee embellished with lace
-AND a pack of travel tissues

I thought about bringing my computer, but I decided that was overkill. This, in addition to what I am wearing now: jeans, clogs, sunglasses, a hair rubber band, and fleece jacket can easily take me anywhere for the foreseeable future. I had a short trip planned, I don't pack my purse like this everyday, but it is a skill that I love to have so I can travel anywhere with just my purse!

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