Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starbuck's Winter Lattes are back!

It has grown to be something I mark the seasons by. Since every place else has brought out their Christmas decorations and holiday music, Starbucks has jumped on the bandwagon and brought out the winter, or as I like to refer to them, Christmas latte flavors.

I have already had my first eggnog (skinny) latte, and I am still in love with the flavor. While I was there, they happened to be giving out samples of the peppermint mocha latte, complete with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. Generally, I am not a fan of chocolate and mint together in one, but it is just the right amount of chocolatey goodness mixed with a hint of mint. I might have to start alternating these two beverages.

I, like any sane person, have tried to make my own coffee to save money during tough financial times, but nothing homemade can match the steamed syrupy deliciousness of Starbuck's winter lattes!

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