Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Color Pop that will Make Your Jaw Drop

Neons are back, and they haven't fading with summer’s warm breezes and beach season. They have returned with several other 80’s trends to cater to the generation who grew up loving their stretch pants and neon pink nail polish who are now coming of age to be shopping’s target demographic. The single ladies with a disposable income, no mortgage payment, no family to care for, we are generation X and Y, born in the eighties and early nineties who embrace the return of blindingly bright hues that took fall color palates by storm.

Designers embrace bright colors, but only the right brights. The favored colors are neon orange, green, pink, and the occasional bright yellow. Winter hats went wild in colors so bright they could help secure your rescue in a snowstorm. Flats went from neutral to neon. Jewelry was jazzed up with accents of pink and green to complement fall blacks and grays.

The key to working the colors to your advantage is to wear all one neon shade together. Do not mix and match green, yellow, and orange all together. Use neon’s sparingly with other solids to juice up an outfit, and only wear one neon at a time. Or wear all one solid neon color. So go ahead and channel your inner eighties rock star. Update your fall and winter browns blacks and nays with a complimentary bright piece that will bring your go-to winter frock from plain to POW.

image: http://www.elle.com/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/elle/fashion/trend-reports/get-the-look-neon-accessories/3803398-1-eng-US/Get-the-Look-Neon-Accessories.jpg

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