Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whenever I have an Interview

I reach for my pearls. I'm really not sure why. Is it some vestige of the idea that pearls are for the nice, the proper, and those fit to wield power in society who are also therefore, worthy of a job?

Probably not. Is it because of how incredibly classy they make me feel? Maybe a little.

Or is it because of their unstoppable luster and beauty that makes me recall their source: the Majorcan Islands of Spain, and the wonderful women who gifted them to me as a reward for finishing my Master's coursework?

A little bit of both. I own several pearl jewelry items, and all are made of Majorcan pearls. I am partial to them because of my time spent in Spain. My fondness for the time I spent studying abroad there makes them seem superior to all other pearls. It makes me recall what a challenge it was to get by for six months in a country whose language I did not grow up speaking, and how I made it through. It makes me think of the strong, proud, selfless mother and sister who gave them to me, and the great accomplishment I received them for. They're like a little pat on my back that gets me ready for a challenging day.

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