Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Magazines I have current subscriptions to:

-W Magazine
-Spin (a nice bonus of attending Bonnaroo this past summer, it's free!!)
-Women's Health
-Good Housekeeping
-Marie Claire (a magazine I hadn't previously read, that turns out has AMAZING articles)
-Money (although I have probably read only one issue in total for the number of articles that hold my interest)
-Town & Country
-Harper's Bazaar

Yes, that is 11, which in an average month means I need to read a magazine approximately every 2.5 to 3 days to keep up before the next batch starts to arrive. This is especially challenging in the fall, and at Christmastime when new fashions debut, and every gift vendor is pushing its ads.

Magazines I previously had a subscription to, but had to let lapse because I am overwhelmed:
-Oprah Magazine (I miss it, but it was too article heavy to handle )
-Domino (I mostly looked at the pictures anyway)
-Cosmopolitan (It was mostly the same smut every month anyways)
-Women's Day (Slightly too old for me, though I liked their craft ideas and recipes!)

So, I admit, I'm somewhat of a magzine addict, and have been since I can remember. YM and Seventeen were my first two magazine subscriptions. I'm attracted to their glossy pages, their gossip, their monthly reports on what's hot, and the knowledge I pick up from the wide variety of articles.

There are several more magazines I would like to read every month if I only had the time! (Elle, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Time, The New Yorker) But, with my book club reading and Atlas Shrugged already sitting abandoned half read I cannot take on any more right now.

I maintain these subscriptions with some as gifts, some my dad has subscribed me to (see if you can guess which ones!), and with the justification that if I would buy them anyways and pay nearly $5 an issue instead of the only $1 per issue with a subscription I am really just saving money. Magazines give you crazy deals if you subscribe, so I consider it a budget cut, and enriching my mind in one fell swoop.

Now if I can only kick my habit of buying People and Star at the grocery store. It's for the crossword puzzles in the back, I swear.

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