Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brangelina Makes Jewelry!

Yesterday, Women's Wear Daily (WWD-the parent magazine to W), announced that Brad and Angelina are back in the news, and this time it's not for anything related to them having or adopting more children! No, they have entered another sphere besides being social activists, models of parenting, and glamourous movie stars, they can now add jewelry designers to their resumes. The hot couple debuted a jewelry collection with Asprey, a British Luxury goods line. The collection is named "The Protector," and is entirely centered around images of the snake, and animal that Jolie believes is a talisman which protects her family.

All proceeds from the collection will Jolie's charity Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which works to raise awareness and funds for the educational needs of children who are victimized by war, conflict, and natural disasters.

Angelina received a snake ring as a gift while pregnant with Shiloh, and believes the symbol has the power to protect her children and family. Thus, the collection features many serpent themed baby gifts including a spoon, egg cup, tooth box, and picture frame. It also includes rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for adults. All prices and pieces have not yet been released, but will gems will definitely include diamonds, black diamonds, and emeralds.

It is interesting that Brangelina chose the snake for the collection, and animal that Christians have always been told represents betrayal, deceit, and even vengefulness. At the very least, many see them as dangerous creatures simply because many snakes carry poisonous venom in their fangs. However, in other symbolic cultures, snakes can represent varied positive meanings from rebirth, fertility, balance, protection, and transformation.

The collection is part of Asprey's bid to increase sales over the next five years, and to devote more focus to their jewelry collections as opposed to their other luxury goods. By pulling in these two media giants, I'm sure at the very least, Asprey will be successful in drawing more attention to, and global knowledge of their brand.

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