Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion Week Photos

Fashion week is long over, but finally here are the promised pics from the fashion show I went to. Do you all ever have trouble getting yourself to connect your camera to your computer and zap the pics into the internet? I know I do. It has been far too long since I uploaded.

The show I attended was the Fashion Next show sponsored by Elle and Kate Spade. It was the results of a months long project where Elle sought out young designers at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and had them compete for prizes. It was exposure most young designers can only dream of, and the end result was a show at NYC fashion week to show off their collections. This was the show I went to. I love the idea of supporting young talent, and I was really impressed with the professional look of some of the designs. Here's to hoping it will be the first of many shows for me. I got a taste, and it left me wanting more. Enjoy the pics!
My girlfriends and I at the show

The runway, as they are uncovering it

My favorite look, a metal mesh dress

Most unique. 

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