Thursday, September 2, 2010

Handleless blow dryer

It is about time someone invented something like this. It's Chi brand, which is no surprise, since they make pretty much the best in all hair styling tools (have you tried their ceramic straightening iron?!).

They took the handle off your typical dryer, and attached a gripper to the nozzle so that you can direct air flow vertically down onto your hair in the manner that stylists typically use a dryer. I should know, I had my hair done last night, and two separate stylists blow dried my hair simultaneously, both grabbing onto the nozzle for better maneuvering rather than the long and unwieldy typical L-shaped handle.

And the Chi Hand Shot Ceramic (if you want to call it by its proper name), boasts ceramic coated grills that produce negatively charged ions to cut back on static, frizz, and drying time. It makes your hair sleek and smooth without burning your hand, and is easy to stash in a bag for travel. It's pretty much the perfect hair drying machine.


Marie said...

This is amazing, must try!:D

***** Marie *****

emily said...

do you know anywhere to buy it besides amazon, etc? I want some place like ulta, where you can try and return if it doesn't work well.

Javier said...

Hey, my wife has a handle-less blow dryer as well. It is one of her favorite things and she uses it all the time. Last summer, the fan inside got broken so we bought a new centrifugal fan. Manufacturers of this type of fans undergo meticulous processes.

In relation to that, one other thing that also involves meticulous processes are dampers. Manufacturers perform thorough inspections and examinations to ensure us of effective products.


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