Friday, September 24, 2010


Sigh. Isn't there something nice even about the word homecoming? It conjures up images of returning to your place of rest, where you're most comfortable, that place you love. There's the homecoming football game. It's always in the fall. It's that time of year when you are full of back to school possibilities, and if you're lucky it's an absolutely gorgeous autumn day with sunny skies and crisp temperatures.

Tomorrow is my Alma mater, Fordham's homecoming celebration. I've been harassing all my friends for months to make sure that we have a good turn out. After you graduate, homecoming is even better. It's a return to college for a day,where you lived happily for so long and made so many amazing friends. Its a day when you can wander around campus with all you college friends, bump into people you lost touch with, and go to all the bars where you spent a good chunk of your four years. It's a lovely thing to go back to school minus the homework and the classes. I could not be more excited.

Fordham pulls out all the stops for homecoming. They set up a tent on the lawn that is typically reserved only for sunbathing and graduation. They rent luxury porta potty trailers complete with flushing toilets and lights. You can actually eat the catered food without having to lay down in discomfort for an hour afterwards (more than I can say for Fordham's cafeteria). They give out Fordham school spirit in the form of flags and banners and antibacterial hand soap. And yes, they will be serving $2 beers and wines to everyone of age.

We'll all dress up in any Fordham attire we can find, go to the beer tent, and maybe, just maybe if it doesn't rain go watch the good old rams lose to whatever team they're playing this year. Hey, Fordham was never known for their excellence in sports.

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