Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I think I may be in love (with this jewler)

I heard of Jewelry by Veronique in my fall fashion issue of InStyle magazine. Rachel Bilson lists the mermaid ring as one of her new obsessions, and now it's one of mine (damn her awesome fashion sense!!). I LOVE this ring, and need to own it. It's so cute and fantastic. You'll recall from this post that I have a thing for seashore themed jewelry. I checked out Jewelry by Veronique's collection. It's great. Not only does the mermaid come in silver or gold, you can buy her in a necklace. They sell starfish earrings! And unicorn pendants! And butterflies!

Not everything they sell is a home run in my book. I say nix the peace and love collection. It's a little too flower child for my liking, and I'm not a fan of the charm necklaces. But there's enough wonderfully whimsical stuff to take a look. Go ahead, indulge your inner girly girl and check it out.

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Marie said...

I like mermaids too, thanks for the link!:D

***** Marie *****


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