Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can stand the rain

The rain here has always had a profound effect on my mood. For the most part, it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed, like a break from all of my obligations in life to just sit inside and read, or watch a movie, or play video games. It is almost like a liberation from my normal life that delegates the things I need to do in the time I need to do them with a graceful period where no one expects anyone to go out in the horrible weather to do anything.

Granted, I think the rain is a bitch when I have to commute to and from work in it, and the trifecta of cold, wind, and water destroys my day. But most of the time I find it cleansing. It’s like a breath of air in a stuffy room.

The rain gives me space to pause and take a breath. And I like it, when I don’t have anywhere to go, anyone to see, any place to be, I am just on my home to my lovely down comforter, and I can just walk umbrellaless through the storm and let it soak me. Wash me through to the core. I get home sopping wet with my makeup running all over my face, and I feel cleansed from the city’s bustle and back to nature’s forces that drench you if they want to, reminding you what is really in control. And then I bundle up in the warmest clothes I can find until I’m baking next to my radiator in the warm dryness of my apartment, and nothing has ever been so nice. And I have the rain to thank for that.

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