Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you W Magazine

Thank you W magazine, for finally giving Jennifer Aniston the spotlight she deserves. I would like to call all of your attention to the latest cover and hot photo spread of Jen and Gerry (as the cover calls them) playing cops and robbers in the desert. Are they a couple or aren’t they? Will we ever know? I don’t really care. I choose to believe that they are because if anyone is going to take that wonderful piece of Scottish man off the market, I would like it to be someone as hilarious and utterly deserving as Jennifer Aniston. It’s about time that someone dedicated a spread to how gorgeous and sexy these two are.

It’s a nicely timed counter to the spread that Angelina and Brad got in W after the release of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, when their adulterous romance was blooming.
Especially with all of the rumors flying about, and the recent tell all exposing Angelina as the husband stealing hussy she is. In addition to the bedraggled look Brad has been sporting lately at Angelina’s filming (captured in Star magazine), it’s clear to see who the victor is in the constant tabloid battle of who is hotter, doing better, and more current. I mean, what is sexier after all? Wedded bliss with loads of gross little runts to take care of, or an affair between criminal and lawman? The proof is in the cover.

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