Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I Wore

One of my friends told me about this blog recently, and it didn't take me long to be obsessed. It's called What I Wore, and I love it! The girl who writes it is fabulous.

And I love the concept. I link memories to the clothes I was wearing when they happened. When I take out a particular outfit that I was wearing on a special occasion it reminds me of the fun I had. When I think back to important times in my life, there's an excellent chance that I can remember what I was wearing. What I wore is a very important part of my day.

I attach emotions to my outfits because they're an important part of how you feel. They make up a good part of how the world perceives you. You can send a message with your clothes, and you pick different outfits to fit your different moods. They can make you feel fun, sexy, or like a proper business lady.

Ever since I was a little girl in elementary school, I loved picking out my outfits. Sometimes it was a struggle and I would stand for hours perusing my immense closet trying to choose the perfect combination. I would pull in my mom and my sister to help me audition potential outfits and eliminate others, and undoubtedly throw a tantrum if I couldn't discover the right one. But then sometimes it's just magical when you have this idea in your head of what you want to wear, and then it comes out looking perfectly put together.

What I Wore reminds me how much fun it is to get dressed each day. How much fun it is to play with different fashion, color combinations and styles. It reminds me of that child like feeling of delight that you get when you find the perfect one!

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Queen Anne said...

Did I tell you about her? I hope I did, cuz I've been following her for like 2 years and she's kind of a little bit amazing...


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