Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Into Fasion

The museum exhibit I’m dying to see? Art Into Fashion: Roberto Capucci at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It opens this Wednesday, and runs through June 5th 2011. It is the first time his work is collected en masse for an exhibition in the United States, and it will cover over 80 of his works, including his drawings and sketches from the very start of his designing career to as works from as recent as 2007.

You may well be wondering who is Capucci, and why should I care? He’s an Italian designer, born in from in 1930. He is known for his sculptural dresses made from innovative materials ranging from pebbles and raffia, to liquid filled pockets of plastic. 
Capucci is best known throughout the fashion world as an architect of fashion, a sculptor of clothing. His dresses can be described as nothing else but lavish show stoppers. Their dramatic silhouettes are not for everyday wear, but to be admired as a spectacular display of beauty during a grand event. Customers of Capucci include screen sirens Marilyn Monroe and Gloria Swanson. His skill with pleating is unrivalled. His use of contrasting colors? Gorgeous. His creativity of design, and color palette? Sheer genius.


wanderlustings said...

this looks awesome!

hiani16 said...

Yes, I am definitely going to have to take a trip to go see it!

sophie said...

come see it AND visit! :)

hiani16 said...

I will!!


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