Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going Retro

Normally, I’m not really into the whole retro look. I can’t find a shade of red lipstick that doesn’t look garish with my pale skin, and waving my hair is just too much work. I don’t tend to wear vintage clothing, because as much as I love the idea of thrifting, well, the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes just really freaks me out. I donate to thrift stores, but I never really find myself buying anything. Though I admire the 50’s pinup look, it’s never been something I’ve been able to find the appropriate pieces for to really pull off.

I’ve been swimsuit shopping lately. I am heading to Hawaii in a little over a month for a good friend’s wedding, and I’ve been on a mission to get in shape for my birthday. As a reward, and a little birthday gift to myself, I have been planning to get a new bikini. I’ve tried on many, but as all of you ladies out there know, finding a flattering, but cute swim suit can be very difficult. I don’t know about you, but no matter how much I work out, and no matter how long I hold my plank and side plank poses for, there still tends to be a little pocket of fat on my lower belly that just.won’t.go.away. My solution? Cover it up.

Enter this year’s wonderful retro swimwear collection. I’m not sure where the retro styles came from, but I’m going to go ahead and give the credit to the hipster population that stores like Urban Outfitters cater to. There is a ton of high waisted, halter/bustier style suits out there right now, and I, for one, am thrilled. With a bottom ending just below my belly button, who needs hundreds of reverse crunches when my lower abs will be nicely concealed under the blue stripes of my suit?

I searched far and wide on swim wear sites ranging from Asos to Figleaves. I tried on suits at Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and the Gap. I settled on the hot little number you see on the model above. It’s the Long Soak bikini from Anthropologie in Blue Motif. If you’re looking for a high waist suit, they have a plethora. And, since it looks so pretty on the model’s perfect body, it will obvi look just as gorg on my normal person body. I love the classically nautical fine blue stripes, while the well placed darts and ruching on the bum should create a lovely hourglass illusion. Fingers crossed I like it as much when it arrives in my mailbox!

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